Coca Cola Nft Collection & Price On Polygon Nft Marketplace

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Coca-Web3 Cola’s journey continues with the launch of its brand new NFT collection on the Polygon Network. Coca-Cola, which launched its first NFT collection in 2021, released new NFT collectibles on “International Friendship Day.”.

Discover the true magic of friendship! To commemorate International Friendship Day, @cocacola has created one-of-a-kind, generative, and shareable collectibles #onPolygon.

The Coca-Cola Company recently AirDropped unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to people holding any of the 4,000 NFTs released by the brand since entering the Metaverse in July 2021, according to a statement released this Sunday.

The design of these new NFTs is primarily inspired by the bubbles inside a Coke bottle. The International Day Of Friendship, which kicked off our journey into the metaverse in 2021.

Is the ideal time to thank those who have joined us, By establishing connections through various virtual Coca-Cola experiences, we hope to strengthen and expand our “Real Magic” community.

Coca-Cola has published a total of 4,000 NFTs on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. All of these collections are available on the Opensea Marketplace.

Now, the $270 billion-plus company wants to repay its fans. In addition to the recent AirDrop, the company announced that Coca-Cola NFT holders will receive a slew of benefits, including access to a “Coke Studio”-powered experience.

New Coca Cola Nft Jacket Collection & Coca Cola Nft Collection

Coca Cola Nft Collection & Price On Polygon Nft Marketplace
New Coca Cola Nft Jacket Collection & Coca Cola Nft Collection

On July 28, 2021, Coca-Cola announced the creation of the first NFT collection to commemorate International Friendship Day on July 30.

Coca-Cola will donate all proceeds from the NFT collection auction at OpenSea to Special Olympics International.

Coca-first Cola’s digital collection was inspired by mutual friendship moments and was created in collaboration with Tafi.

The creator of custom 3D content for the avatar and emoji system, and Virtue, Vice’s agency, which developed the initial concept.

Selman Careaga, president of Global Coca-Cola Trademark, stated at the time that it is one of the most collected brands in the world and has shared a rich legacy with consumers for decades through simple moments of happiness.

“We are thrilled to share our first NFT with the metaverse, when new friendships are formed in novel ways in a novel world, and to support our long-time partner, Special Olympics International”.

“Each NFT was created to celebrate elements at the heart of the Coca-Cola brand, reinterpreted for the virtual world in new and exciting ways”, Selman Careaga explains.

Meanwhile, Decentraland was said to have celebrated the start of the Coca-Cola NFT auction with a metaverse event. The auction will run from July 30 to August 2, 2021.

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