How to Install Snap Store on Kali Linux

How to Install Snap Store on Kali Linux – Are you a Kali Linux user who wants to enhance your software management experience? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing Snap Store on your Kali Linux system. Snap Store is a user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to discover and install a wide range of software applications with just a few clicks. Let’s dive in!

How to Install Snap Store on Kali Linux
How to Install Snap Store on Kali Linux

What is Snap Store?

Snap Store, developed by Canonical, is a universal software package manager that simplifies the installation and management of applications across various Linux distributions. It utilizes the Snap package format, which provides a self-contained environment for software, including all its dependencies. Snap packages offer improved security, sandboxing, and easy rollback options, making software installation a breeze.

Benefits of Snap Store

Before we jump into the installation process, let’s take a moment to explore the benefits of using Snap Store on your Kali Linux system:

  1. Simplified Installation: Snap Store offers a user-friendly interface that makes software installation quick and effortless.
  2. Broad Application Selection: Snap Store provides access to a vast collection of software applications across different categories, ranging from productivity tools to entertainment apps.
  3. Automatic Updates: Snap packages installed via Snap Store are automatically updated, ensuring you have the latest features and bug fixes without any manual intervention.
  4. Enhanced Security: Snap packages are designed with security in mind. They are isolated from the core system, reducing the risk of potential vulnerabilities.
  5. Easy Rollback: Snap Store allows you to roll back to previous versions of software if you encounter compatibility issues or need to revert to a stable state.

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Installing Snap Store on Kali Linux

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Here’s how you can install Snap Store on your Kali Linux system:

Step 1: Update System Packages

Before proceeding with the installation, it’s important to ensure that your system packages are up to date. Open the terminal and run the following command:

sqlCopy codesudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

This will fetch the latest package information and upgrade any existing packages on your system.

Step 2: Install Snapd

Snapd is the core service that enables the installation and management of Snap packages. To install Snapd, execute the following command in the terminal:

Copy codesudo apt install snapd

Enter your password if prompted and let the installation process complete.

Step 3: Enable Snapd Socket

To enable Snapd socket, run the following command:

bashCopy codesudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

This will ensure that the Snapd service is running and ready to manage Snap packages.

Step 4: Install Snap Store

Now, it’s time to install Snap Store itself. Enter the following command in the terminal:

Copy codesudo snap install snap-store

Sit back and relax while the installation process takes place. Once it’s done, you’ll have Snap Store ready to use on your Kali Linux system!

Using Snap Store on Kali Linux

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed Snap Store on your Kali Linux system. Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Launch Snap Store: Open your application menu, search for “Snap Store,” and click on the icon to launch the application.
  2. Explore Applications: Browse through the various categories or use the search bar to find the software applications you need.
  3. Install Applications: Click on an application’s tile to view its details. If you decide to install it, simply click the “Install” button, and Snap Store will handle the rest.
  4. Update Applications: Snap Store automatically checks for updates and notifies you when updates are available for your installed applications. Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements effortlessly.
  5. Manage Installed Applications: In Snap Store, you can easily manage your installed applications. You can uninstall applications, view detailed information about them, and even enable or disable automatic updates for specific applications according to your preferences.
  6. Discover Featured Apps: Snap Store showcases a selection of featured applications, highlighting popular and noteworthy software. Take advantage of this curated collection to discover new and exciting applications that can enhance your Kali Linux experience.

Using Snap Store on Kali Linux not only simplifies software installation but also saves you time and effort. With its intuitive interface and extensive application catalog, you can explore, install, and manage software with ease.


Installing Snap Store on your Kali Linux system opens up a world of convenience and efficiency in managing your software applications. The user-friendly interface, broad application selection, automatic updates, enhanced security, and easy rollback options make Snap Store a valuable addition to your Linux toolkit.

Embrace the power of Snap packages and experience hassle-free software installation on your Kali Linux system. With Snap Store, you can streamline your workflow, discover new tools, and stay up to date with the latest software releases effortlessly.

So why wait? Take the leap and empower your Kali Linux experience with Snap Store today!


  1. Can I use Snap Store on other Linux distributions?
    • Yes, Snap Store is compatible with several Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and more.
  2. Are Snap packages secure?
    • Yes, Snap packages offer enhanced security by isolating applications from the core system, reducing the risk of potential vulnerabilities.
  3. Can I install Snap packages without an internet connection?
    • While an internet connection is required for the initial installation, Snap packages are designed to work offline once installed.
  4. How can I update Snap packages manually?
    • You can update Snap packages by running the following command in the terminal: sudo snap refresh.
  5. Is Snap Store free to use?
    • Yes, Snap Store is free to use, and you can access a vast collection of free and open-source software applications.