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Where the school is well-known for its educational programs. Simultaneously, a video of a school in the district is going viral these days.

This video is an affront to the temple of education. The video shows the dirty work of the teacher and the teacher. Following the video’s virality

The incident occurred at the middle school in the Sirari OP police station area of Sheikhpura district.
Teachers and students were performing obscene acts in the school.

The villagers recorded it and it quickly went viral on social media. This video is quickly going viral as a result of this. The villagers caused a commotion after the video went viral.

The villagers have demanded that the teacher be punished. Simultaneously, after the video went viral, Sheikhpura DM Sawan Kumar took the matter seriously and directed the DEO to conduct an appropriate investigation.

He stated that the DEO has directed him to investigate the entire situation from his level and take appropriate action.

Simultaneously, the Bihar State Elementary Education Association has condemned it. The members have demanded that appropriate action be taken.

It has also been said that such misdeeds bring shame to the educational community. The Sangh demands that action be taken against the perpetrators so that such acts do not occur in the temple of education again.

Full Video Teacher Sheikhpura Viral Video Link

New Link Viral Video Teacher Sheikhpura
Full Video Teacher Sheikhpura Viral Video Link

A dirty video of a teacher and a student in Sheikhpura, Bihar, is going viral. The villagers claim that the teacher and the teacher were caught in an inappropriate situation on the school’s roof.

On Wednesday, a panchayat was held in Sirari OP, Sadar block of the district, regarding the objectionable conduct of a teacher and teacher of a government school. Ashwini Kumar Singh, the Block Education Officer, also attended the panchayat.

The chief and other panchayat representatives were also present. During the meeting, the villagers expressed strong opposition to the viral video of the school’s teacher-teacher and asked the education officer to remove both from their positions.

The Block Education Officer stated that the villagers had recorded both teachers at the school in an inappropriate situation.
The incident is said to have occurred on Monday, Teacher’s Day. Because of the teacher’s objectionable behavior, the school has been on lockdown since Monday.

According to the education officer, the process of removing both the teacher and the teacher from the said school has begun on the request of the villagers. Because they are both employed teachers, the head of the planning unit has been asked to intervene.

In this school, there are only two teachers. Efforts are being made to keep the school running smoothly by substituting another teacher.

The education officers attended the Panchayat on Wednesday, according to the villagers. He claimed that both teachers and students fled after the video went viral.

The education department’s first priority is to begin teaching in closed schools. In this regard, necessary action is being taken. No teacher-teachers have filed a complaint with the department or the police.

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