Parfum Black Phantom by Kilian Review & Price

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Perfume or fragrance is one of the products that I must use every day. For me, the smell of perfume can both lift my mood and evoke a special memory of a particular moment.

Using perfume or fragrances has become a daily requirement. If you’ve been having trouble finding the right perfume all this time.

As a result, before you buy the perfume you want, it would be preferable if you already knew what kind of perfume you want based on your personality, which you can do by reading a perfume review.

As a result, on this occasion, we will provide a review of the Black Phantom by Kilian perfume ‘Memento Mori,’ which can be worn by both men and women, so read on for the complete review below.

What is Black Phantom by Kilian Memento Mori

Parfum Black Phantom by Kilian Review & Price
Black Phantom by Kilian Memento Mori

Phantom Kilian Black ‘Memento Mori’ Eau de Parfum was an elegant gourmand in which rum was the star for the majority of the perfume’s life.

The rum started out richer, boozier, and more distinct before being sweetened with caramel and chocolate and given a creamy, nutty flavor from almond and coffee.

The sandalwood appeared late in the journey, near the drydown, and was complemented by caramel sweetness and a nuttiness.

Black Phantom Kilian Notes

It has a “rum accord” with “strong coffee at its heart,” which is “balanced by vetiver essence,” and a hidden “cyanide accord.” Rum, sugar cane, dark chocolate, coffee, caramel, almond, heliotrope, and sandalwood are among the notes.

Accord ‘Shin Shin’ (Coffee and Rum), Accord Cyanide, Vetiver from Java, Sugar Cane, and Sandalwood.

So far, this is one of Kilian’s favorites that I’ve tried! The rum really stood out, and I got coffee undertones with a caramel swirl that became nuttier and milkier over time.

It was more gourmand, but not quite photorealistic, thanks to the heliotrope and sandalwood. This is definitely bottle-worthy, so I’m glad I already have one.

Black Phantom Kilian Smell

Black Phantom appears to be a two-part fragrance. In the front, you’ve got a party in the form of all that edible/drinkable/membrane-absorbable deliciousness, while the back is all business.

The darkness, death, and the deep sea-covered hulls of ancient pirate ships lurk beneath the sugar and excess.

When one is repenting for all of the rum-soaked decadence, Black Phantom by Kilian provides a dense, but almost crumbling, woody base.

The saltiness is carried through in the form of a dark, oily vetiver, which adds a bitter edge to the appealing sugariness that initially draws in unsuspecting hedonists.

It ends on a soft hum of woods, sugar, and salt – a gentle death that almost feels like a relief from the hard partying that Black Phantom insists on forcing you to partake in from the start. If I’m being completely honest, not much convincing is required.

It was a rich, decadent rum drizzled with caramel with a side of roasted espresso, freshly poured and piping hot.

Black Phantom was dark, heady, and boozy, with sweet, chewy, and nutty caramel-coated almonds.
The rum was stretched out and some of the sweetness of the caramel was pulled back by the smooth, nutty almonds, while a dash of cocoa darkened the concoction.

After a half-hour, it felt milkier; the caramel had been creamed, subtly diffusing the richness, while the fragrance itself was not quite as heady as the rum had weakened, buried beneath creamy caramel and almonds.

Two hours in, a cappuccino swirl came through, giving the milky caramel and nuttiness more body. This theme continued into the drydown, which included the addition of soft sandalwood.

Black Phantom Kilian Price

  • Black Phantom Kilian 50ml (£245)
  • Black Phantom Kilian 250ml (£460)

I strongly advise trying a fragrance before purchasing a full bottle because fragrance can wear differently depending on skin chemistry.

Skin chemistry can influence not only how long a fragrance lasts, but also which notes are prominent or hidden.

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