Link Kalte Füße Film English Subtitles Full Movie

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This film is a 2019 film and a film that has been broadcast for a long time, but currently this film is being sought by many people because it has an interesting plot.

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Sypopsis and Plot Kalte Füße Film English Subtitles Full Movie

Link Kalte Füße Film English Subtitles Full Movie
Link Kalte Füße Film English Subtitles Full Movie

Denis is a young unemployed Munich petty criminal. He lives with his single mother, who encourages him to work, and his siblings, who despise him.

To repay his debts to the gangster Adam, he is forced to break into the remote villa of the wealthy entrepreneur Raimund Groenert, who is in the hospital.

However, he was released a day earlier and now suffers from a stroke while alone at home. When Denis helps the man on the floor back into his wheelchair, Raimund’s granddaughter Charlotte appears out of nowhere.

This is an aspiring police officer who was tasked with temporarily caring for her grandfather until a professional caregiver took over.

Charlotte misidentifies Denis as the new male nurse. He becomes involved in the mix-up game because a police officer who is also a friend of Groenert’s is present.

Groenert’s dog stops him from fleeing in the evening. A heavy snowstorm rages throughout the night, making escape impossible.

Unlike Charlotte, Raimund saw right through Denis, but because he can’t speak, he has to rely on other means to defend himself against the thief.

Denis and Raimund begin a cat-and-mouse game in which Denis, in addition to his criminal involvement, must deal with nursing challenges and his growing affection for Charlotte.

Denis is able to contact Adam. But he doesn’t believe him because he believes Denis has fled. Meanwhile, Denis and Charlotte become closer after he warns her about her self-centered boyfriend and assists her in reconciling with her grandfather, whom she hasn’t seen in ten years.

After Denis reactivates the generator, Charlotte hears a message from the real nurse on the answering machine and knocks Denis out.

He tells everything. They sign a truce while still snowed in. Denis says his goodbyes and drives back to Munich once the road is clear.

But first, he gives Charlotte a box filled with gifts from her grandfather to show her that he has been thinking of her all these years.

When he hitches a ride with a snowplow driver, he notices Adam and his bodyguard driving to the mansion.

He returns to warn Charlotte. However, she and her grandfather have already been kidnapped in order to obtain the contents of a safe mentioned by Denis during the previous phone call.

Denis is able to learn the Raimund-sign language combination. Charlotte is kidnapped by Adam and Denis and locked in the basement while attempting to defend herself.

Raimund frees him, and the two of them pursue the kidnappers on skis, armed with a shotgun. Denis is able to free Charlotte after the kidnappers crash into a snow plow, but he is shot in the process.
Charlotte and Raimund fail to report a break-in.

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